2015 So Far...

2015 So Far…

2015 So Far…

Happy Australia Day everyone!

I’m sitting on my brand new ikea couch, sipping an anti-hangover bottle of water, listening to the cicadas and Triple J’s Hottest 100, and thinking that my ceiling fan may just take off and fly away at any moment. And who would blame it?

It’s a toasty 35 degrees today in Brissy and I fear I may melt before I get to finish this post. But I will try my best to persevere! Never say I don’t do anything for you!

2015 has so far been fab. We started the year with a bang, camping at Woodford Folk festival with some dear friends, moving house straight after (luckily it wasn’t as hot as it is today!), after which Ryan went away to New Zealand for a conference and I had a frenzied week of unpacking by myself before going back to work. Busy Busy Busy!

Despite how hectic this year has been so far, I have good feelings about things to come…good vibes are buzzing through my head and I’m excited to face the adventures/challenges that this year has yet to bring! Watch this space!

It’s hard to have a bad year when you started it out at the coolest summer folk festival ever (sorry Falls Fest fans!). We spent the entire 6 days camping at the festival. Ryan and I had a few days of exploration by ourselves before Trent and Loretta, our friends from Melbourne, and Kris and Ally joined us a few days later.

On our way!

our street


our rain-proof idea

happy and relaxed!

Despite the rain for the first few days and then the proceeding heat, it was the most relaxing time. We didn’t even get put out by having to drive around for an hour and a half to find a suitable campsite at the start of the trip (note: Don’t arrive the day after Boxing Day and expect to slide right into an appropriate camp spot). We spent our days exploring what the festival had to offer, enjoying  packed-out early-morning yoga sessions, listening to some hilarious debates, some serious chats (including one from former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke) and discovering some seriously amazing musical talent.


pretty lady

birthday boy

New Years Eve was also Kris’s birthday and was spent up on the amphitheatre, dancing around to Scottish jigs, watching the war of the hugs, and even having a moment of silence in honor of the traditional owners of the land before the countdown to midnight. Sitting  on a hill amongst thousands of people and having no sound but nature was truly an amazing experience.

Around that we spent our time with some much-need drinks and catch up. For our first Woodford, it was fantastic and I can’t wait to go back.

It was easy to come home, however, as we had something else exciting to look forward to – moving house! We were lucky enough to have made a rental agreement with a friend of Ryan’s family, and were soon to be the proud residents of a very nice 3 bedroom Queenslander, back near our friends in Tarragindi. Not to mention, I would soon be 20 minutes closer to work! We were very excited to move in and get settled in our new digs.


a bit of a mess

Having been travelling and house-sitting for the last 8 months, I was keen to re-discover all my belongings that had been packed up in storage for so long. I am ashamed to say it was actually like Christmas all over again – finding things that I’d forgotten I had, putting things back in their rightful place on the display cabinet, and the exciting (it didn’t stay that way for long) task of finding a new couch, new rug, new fridge, new wardrobes, new dining chairs, new t.v cabinet, new…you get the picture. Having sold a heap of stuff to fund 2014’s trip overseas, we had a lot to replace and gumtree and Ikea soon became our new best friends!

our new fridge

ikea bench

It took 4 weeks and a lot of running around and unpacking, but we are finally settled in. House-warming invite coming soon!

So now, we are getting back into work and the exciting task of planning our next trip to England for my cousin’s wedding in September. Other than that, this year is blank slate! It’s been a while since we’ve had a year of no big plans (engagement, wedding, America/South America etc – England doesn’t count, been there heaps!), so I’m very excited to see what we have in store for us. I think I may just sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet for a while…what are you looking forward to this year?

P.s yes I did make a resolution! Last year I achieved my goal of running 8kms non stop…this year I vow to be a cleaner person! Personally, I think running 8kms will be easier.

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