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There are few greater feelings than when those moments of creativity and inspiration hit. Of course, they don’t compare to the big things in life – the realization that you’ve found ‘the one’, getting that job you worked so hard for, weddings, babies (or so I imagine)…but those smaller moments in life, the ones that happen every so often, are some of my favourites. I decided to start this blog to give myself somewhere to express the thoughts that go streaming through my mind on those lucky days. I find that motivation and inspiration go hand in hand with the knowledge that it will LEAD somewhere, that the ideas and thoughts can be put into being, and that I can let my creativity break from my mind into something tangible. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful husband, two lovable dogs, and a multitude of friends and family who I constantly feel grateful for. I wanted to share with everyone my love for life and the things I get back from it.  I am one whole made up from many parts – teacher, writer, cook, seamstress, wife, daughter, sister, friend – and have an appreciation for many things; good food, good music, a love for the Earth, and exploring the world. I hope one of these parts appeals to some part of you, and that you take enjoyment  from reading about me and my splendid life.

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