Epic American Adventures 2014 #4 - Final Days in San Fran

Epic American Adventures 2014 #4 – Final Days in San Fran

Epic American Adventures 2014 #4 – Final Days in San Fran

Ok, so I made the mistake of reading ahead in my old travel blog, and now I just want to get the early days over to get to the nitty gritty stuff! Couldn’t go past what turned out to be the best day in San Fran, however.

The tour that we went on during our last day in San Francisco was probably the best walking tour I have ever been on (and I’ve been on a few!) so I definitely recommend you look them up if you ever find yourself in the city. At the time they worked on a ‘donations’ basis – you gave a donation at the end of the tour, based on how much you valued it, however they now charge money (slightly disappointing, but I still think it’s worth it). You can find the info here. I’d also recommend going on the tour towards the beginning of your time there, you’ll definitely want to go back to some of those places!

I will be posting these next few instalments quite rapidly, so please, join me for the ride!

Our last day in San Francisco…

“After our exciting Wednesday, we didn’t really have too much of a plan for Thursday except to do our laundry at the hostel. That all changed, however, when I went to breakfast (Ryan chose to sleep in). There was a very oddly dressed guy handing out cards for his free walking tour – the same walking tour that we had forgone the day before. We decided, with nothing better to do, that we would give Wild SF tours a go – despite Ryan’s encouraging comment of “are you sure your legs are up for it after yesterday?”.

Our Tour Guide

While not the exact same area of San Francisco as their Wednesday tour, the guy from Wild SF Tours took us on a really interesting, at some times hilarious, tour of the mission district (the first area that was colonised by the Spanish in San Fran), the Castro (the gay hub of the city) and Dolores Park (where all the hippies hang out).

The Castro

The Gay Hub of San Fran

Dolores Park

We didn’t really see any hippies, however the tour itself gave us a great insight into the history of these areas, and the guy taking the tour (JayJo) was very knowledgeable of the places he took us to. At the end of the tour a few of us joined him to eat at a burrito place that Santana (the guitarist’s) brother used to make the tortillas at, and at the end of lunch he showed us a secret – amazingly, our first acceptable coffee in America!

The Mission District

After the walking tour we ventured to a thrift ship where they charge you based on the weight of the clothes you buy. I can’t remember exactly, the price of $10 a pound comes to mind. I bought two knitted vests and only spent $9! We then went to an alleyway where there was some amazing street art before heading back to the hostel for the last time. Both Ryan and I agreed that we had finally seen the side of San Francisco that we had imagined the city to be like from the beginning. Shame it was on our last full day!

That evening was spent doing laundry (me), working (Ryan), and drinking the last of our Budweiser beers. We cooked our basil pesto chicken sausages (yum!) and our prepackaged salad (yuck) and went to bed excited about Vegas tomorrow!”

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