An Engaging Occasion

  • An Engaging Occasion
  • An Engaging Occasion An Engaging Occasion An Engaging Occasion An Engaging Occasion An Engaging Occasion An Engaging Occasion

An Engaging Occasion

Recently we attended my sister-in-law’s engagement party. Despite my developing camera skills, I couldn’t help but think such a happy occasion would be the perfect premier entry to my blog.

The best kind of parties are the kind where it’s a relaxed space, with a great bunch of people. There’s good music, good drink, and good food, and everyone is in a happy mood and having a good time. This was that kind of party.

Good food, good drink, and good conversation

Cassie and her fiancé, Tom, have only been engaged a month, but its obvious that their lives are already set together. Despite not knowing everyone at the party, it was clear to guests on both sides that the two were meant for each other, and I think that’s what made it such a happy vibe.

Cutting the cake

The biggest problem I have at a party is the party food – most people are known for taking advantage of free wine and beer, but in my case it’s the cheese, dried fruits, salami, and chips that need to look out! I contributed some layered Mexican dips, (a 5 layered bowl of deliciousness – eaten up before I could take some pictures!) and so by the time the men started to BBQ I was already stuffed…the many bread rolls begged to be eaten, however, so I did what any self-respecting Aussie girl would do and had myself a sausage sizzle.

Everyone dug in to the food and for a moment it seemed that instead of a celebratory, sophisticated group of people, the crowd had been replaced with a pack of ravenous, slavering beasts…or was that just me?

The best thing about engagement parties in particular, is that they are all about love. They’re about two families becoming one, without all the pomp and circumstance of a wedding reception.

You get the positive, happy atmosphere of everyone being reminded that love is all you need.

Well, that and dessert.

I also had a contribution to dessert – two delicious fruit salads – I mixed together some brightly coloured fruits, topped with honey, natural yogurt, walnuts and scattered with some pomegranate seeds for a pop of colour, and voila – a healthy alternative to some of the more naughty desserts that were also on offer.


Of course, there were speeches and a cake, but they were a compliment to an already great party.

I had a great time. It reminded me of our engagement party, and the beautiful feeling it was to celebrate finding someone who I loved, and who loved me so much, that we decided to get married.


The night ended for Ryan and I with some fun family photos, made even better by the inclusion of our ‘almost’ newest family member – Congratulations Tom and Cassie!

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  • Cass says:

    I feel very privileged that our party was the topic of your first blog. Thanks you Emma and Im very pleased you had a good time.

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