And Leia Makes 4...

And Leia Makes 4…

And Leia Makes 4…

Welcome to the pack, Leia!

You may have read my previous post on rescuing our latest family member, Tonka, from a rescue group up in Caboolture. Well, guess what…



We’ve done it again! I told you it was hard to stop at one!

Little Leia is another rescue dog from Welfare Animal Group (W.A.G for short). She was surrendered at 4 weeks old, extremely malnourished, and nursed back to health by the incredible care and love of WAG’s fosterers. They named her Princess Leah in honour of her ginormous ears, however we chose to change her to simply Leia – pronounced Lay-ah (though I still think Bat Girl was a hot contender).


She is a 6 month old Staffordshire Terrier cross English Bull Terrier (the ones with the very flat faces).

She is absolutely adorable (even Tonka thinks so!).



We originally chose to get another dog to keep Tonka company during the working week, during the days Ryan went into his office. We have always said it’s much more fair to a dog to have company and a reliable pack mate so that they are not alone, so we decided two months after getting Tonka that we were ready to get another.

We were so incredibly lucky with Tonka. He settled in straight away, he was incredibly friendly, a very quick learner, and cute to boot. We knew it was likely that we weren’t going to get so lucky a second time, so I spent weeks trawling PetRescue for a suitable candidate. She (and we only wanted a she) would be younger than Tonka, a staffy mix (that was my desire) and not too big. She would need to have the basic training, preferably crate trained, and the most important thing – also be cute (not really, but you know what I’m talking about). I’d had my eye on Leia since the beginning of my search, she just looked so adorable in the photos they had posted (taken when she was only 4 months old). Due to her unfortunate start to life, she was slightly smaller than she should have been, and probably always would be. I couldn’t help but feel there was something special about her.

Special Leia

Spur of the moment we decided to go to meet Leia (we were extremely hungover and drove all the way to Redcliffe, so you know it really was spur of the moment!). We took Tonka to meet her, and she seemed very receptive to him…no, I’m lying. They in fact ignored each other. Tonka was too interested in investigating the dog barking in the backyard next to the park we met in, and Leia (who had already had a meet and greet about 10 minutes prior) chose to flop on the ground. Nevertheless, they didn’t start to scrap straight away, and she showed signs of deferring to his dominance, so we were off to a good start.

We took her home for a trial run, and after a few ups and downs (she brought fleas with her, and we can no longer leave my office bin on the ground while she and Tonka are inside home alone – jatz boxes and tissues tend to end up chewed all over the floor) we decided to keep her. She’s still a little nippy (as most puppies are!), she snores like a bulldozer, and she needed some reminders in toilet training, but on the whole she has settled in well!


We’ve now had her for just over a month. She and Tonka have taken to each other better than I imagined, and she has shown her true colours now that she knows we’re here to stay. She’s still a little bit of a sooky puppy, but she loves to play with Tonka and follows him around like he’s the best thing since sliced bread (we kind of agree with her). He loves having someone to play with and even shares his toys!


She is the most affectionate puppy, and she and Tonka keep each other amused for hours. They play very boisterously and noisily with lots of pretend growling and biting – it took us a few weeks to get over the ‘OMG he’s killing her!’ moments, and he even lets her be the boss every now and again!

Again, it seems we’ve lucked out. I’m telling you, rescue dogs are the way to go.

So, welcome to the family Leia!

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