Blog (Non)Goals 2016

Blog (Non)Goals 2016

Blog (Non)Goals 2016

I’ve been trying and trying, for days and days, to come up with some succinct, tangible goals for The Splendid Life in 2016.

And you know what I came up with?

Nothing. Nada. Zero. No tangible goals to speak of.

Now, when I speak of goals I take them seriously – a goal needs to be a number of things in particular for it to BE a goal (at least in my book). Goals need to be smart.

That’s smart as in Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and time-bound. Can you specify exactly what it is you want to achieve? How will you tell you’ve achieved at all? Are you actually capable of reaching your goal? Is it a realistic goal, and lastly – What time-frame do you want to reach your goal within?

You may be thinking, who the hell cares? What’s the reason for all this goal mumbo-jumbo? Get back to the cute lovey-dovey and artsy fartsy posts, woman!

As you may have read, I’m taking part in a blogger link-up, run by Catherine at The Blissful Mind. Basically, for the month of January, I and a bunch of other bloggers will write goal-driven posts to give our readers some insight into what we have planned for the year ahead. Last week’s post was on our word or intention for the year, and this week’s is supposed to be all about our blogging goals.

But as I sat down to write each evening for the last week (and inevitably got side-tracked by Pinterest or Facebook) I found a bit of writers-block taking over my mind. And tonight it finally came to me. My goal for 2016 is to be as true to my blog as I possible can.

And maybe that means to not have a goal.

I started The Splendid Life as sort of a way of writing my thoughts down, kind of like a journal. So that in the future, years down the track, I can look back and think ‘hey, that was a great weekend’ or ‘wow, can you believe we did that?!’. Maybe my children or grandchildren will look back and say to each other “can you ever believe she was that cool?” (I’m sure it will happen…really).

Sure, every blogger wants to grow their readership, write better content, take better photos. Sometimes I do look back at the way I used to write a year and a half ago and I feel proud at what I’ve achieved (fyi, the feature image for this post is when I was still learning how to use my camera!). And maybe in a few years time I’ll get to a point where I’m over my job and I want to have a crack at making this blog into a money making machine.

But that day is not today.

Sometimes I start to create content, and then I get so wrapped up in the project I’m doing or the event that I’m at that I forget to take photos, I forget to document every minute of it. But that’s OK! Because to me, it means I’m LIVING not just writing about living! I feel sorry for the bloggers who have become so successful that they are forced to view every moment in life through a bloggers eyes (where can I stand at this party to get the best lighting for my pictures? Don’t eat it yet, I have to take a photo! Oh that dog moved, moment ruined!). That does not sound like a Splendid Life to me.

I just want to write about my life and the memories I have in a natural way. Sometimes that means writing several times a week, sometimes not for a month (I’ll try not to be that boring though, sorry!). I don’t want to FORCE myself to create content, because then this blog ceases to be an enjoyment and starts to become a chore – and I really, REALLY don’t want that.

So for now, I will just sit here, goalless, but staying true to my blog. As soon as something changes, you’ll be the first to know.

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