Bowls, Booze and Les Misérables

Bowls, Booze and Les Misérables

Bowls, Booze and Les Misérables

Whew, what a busy weekend!

It’s already Tuesday and I think I’ve only just recovered.

Sometimes I think, am I getting too old for this…? And then I think…nah! I put reports on hold for the weekend and threw myself into the social scene (enough to last me until reports are over, I’m thinking!).

The weekend started in the rain with a lovely breakfast and a spot of shopping with my beautiful sister-in-law, Cassandra. We tried Atticus Finch Cafe, a new place in Paddington that I’d never been to before. Having been a great fan of To Kill a Mockingbird in highschool, I was intrigued as to what a cafe with such a prominent name could entail. For those who haven’t been there, definitely recommend, however if you like your coffee more than warm I’d mention it when you order! I had the Breakfast Veggie Bruschetta and it was amazing – will definitely need to take Ryan there!

After saying goodbye to Cass, I had to drive the dogs down to my mother- and father-in-laws house as they were having a ‘sleepover’. This is because we had something very exciting to look forward to that night – Alan’s 30th!

Alan James, or ‘Chubba’ as he is affectionately known, has been our dear friend for many years. He was one of Ryan’s groomsmen, we travelled to Brazil with him to see the World Cup, and just over a year ago Ryan and I sneakily set him up with my high school friend Elle (and they’ve since moved in together!) so you could say he’s one of the family. We were really looking forward to celebrating his birthday with him.

alan bowling


Bowls at The boo

We started the afternoon with a spot of bowls, which The Boo kindly continued despite the intermittent rain. Short for Booroodabin, which means place of She-Oaks, The Boo Bowls Club in Newstead is the oldest bowls club in Queensland, and a great little place for a drink, a bite and a bowl. The staff were incredibly friendly and accommodating, and we stayed there much later than intended because we were enjoying ourselves far too much. We were also catching up with another great friend, Richie, who now lives in Cairns. Lots of drinks were shared and ‘the good old days’ were reminisced about more than once.

Alan's birthday

Alan's 'cake'

We had booked an apartment at the Adina Apartments near the Story Bridge for the night, which was perfect for some more pre-drinks before a night on the town. It had a fantastic view of the bridge and the river – what a lovely backdrop while getting ready! Definitely recommend them for a convenient Fortitude Valley stay – close enough to walk, but far enough away to avoid the noise and people who have had a bit too much.

The Story Bridge

Speaking of a bit too much, the next day my head was not thanking me for my celebratory mood the night before. I had to get up and at’em however, as I was celebrating something as equally important on Sunday – Cheryl’s Birthday!

Cheryl's Birthday

I won’t tell you how old she is (let’s just say it was her 3oth too). The day of her birthday we celebrated by attending the matinée performance of Les Misérables at QPAC.

Me at QPAC

All I can say is ‘wow’.

What an epic show. I didn’t mind that Cass couldn’t come because of a migraine (although I was sad for her sake that she missed out). I didn’t mind that we had to park a mile away and walk in heels to the theatre, or line up for 20 minutes just to use the bathroom. I didn’t even mind that through the entire 3 hours show I was struggling with my hungover self to stop feeling so queasy. I didn’t mind any of this, because the show blew all of these things out of my mind with the opening scene.

amazing seats

Les Misérables

We had balcony seating, and I have to admin it did make some things difficult to see – however, we heard every line, felt every note carried straight through our souls, and I don’t think I came back to reality until the curtain closed 3 hours later. Having only seen the first half of the movie, I was a little unsure of what to expect length-wise, however the quality of performers (especially the children) made for a spectacular show.

If you get a chance to go along, I highly encourage you take it! It’s open for another two months, so pick a date and book it!

After the show we headed back to Cheryl’s to meet up with Ryan and the family (and the dogs) and enjoy a BBQ and one of Cassie’s famous cakes (just look at that cream cheese icing!), and for Cheryl to open some well-deserved birthday presents.

Birthday Cake

Birthday presents

I have to say, I love these kinds of weekends. Filled with friends, family and love and laughter.

Nothing could be better in my book.

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