Burlap Christmas Wreath

Burlap Christmas Wreath

Burlap Christmas Wreath

Oh hello! I feel like it’s been a while!

Really, it’s only been 6 days or so, nothing in the grand scheme of things, but in my guilt ridden mind it feels like forever!

I have an excuse though, I promise. Reporting time has come around once again. Those who are nearest and dearest to me know that reporting time means I break a lot of my own rules in an attempt to cope – chores piling up, not seeing friends or family for a fortnight straight, and my favourite – alcohol on week nights!

The best thing about reporting time, is that it means holidays are near. And the best thing about END OF YEAR reporting time, is that it means something even more special is close by…that’s right, I’m talking about CHRISTMAS!


berry decoration

I love Christmas. I love the decorations, I love the food, and I especially love the excuse to get jolly with a good drink and those I love most. I even love Christmas shopping – call me crazy, I know! But since I’ve become an OCD teacher I have become quite good at organising things with time to spare. It makes the holiday so much nicer to know you’ve got everything sorted with plenty of time to make and enjoy some mulled wine or eggnog (which I will be sharing a fabulous recipe for in the near future!).

Christmas Decorations

You may remember my 3 part Serious Blogger Christmas Specials last year – if not, you must take a look. My Christmas Bunting, Low-Carb Choc-Rum Truffles and Christmas Ham for Noobs have been all I can think about since the decorations hit the stores!

So I decided, in my mid-report haze, that I would make something extra-special to post about this year. I decided to make a Christmas wreath – one, because I didn’t HAVE one, and two, because what I did have was plenty of burlap sheets lying around leftover from Ryan and my wedding (yes, they were lying around for nearly 2 years before I decided what to do with them!). Let me just clarify that no, I am not one of those insane people that has already hung my decorations and set up my Christmas tree in mid-November…but a little preparation never hurt anybody! I can’t wait to hang this baby up for all to see!


How to Make a Burlap Christmas Wreath

You may have noticed that burlap is on the way out these days…geometric shapes, simplistic design, and green and natural embellishments appear to be the next big thing, but I also feel that when it comes to Christmas, burlap will never go out of style.

You will need:

To make a Burlap Wreath

Some burlap sheets or a roll. Spotlight don’t sell the ones I originally got anymore, however this would do the trick. If you just LOVE burlap and jute, you can get 10 metre rolls from this website for quite cheap.

A plain wire coat hanger or spool of quite strong wire

Various cheap Christmas decorations – I got most of mine from The Reject Shop and Daiso

Fake ivy vine – from Daiso

‘Noel’ Christmas decoration or similar (got mine from Big W but it doesn’t appear to be on their website)

Hot glue gun


Cut your burlap into strips approximately 30cmx12cm (or thereabouts). Fold backwards and forwards until you have a wave.

Cut burlap

Fold your burlap

Thread your burlap onto the wire. Don’t worry if it flattens out at first, the more burlap you put on, the less room it will have to flatten out.

Bent coat hanger

Thread your burlap

Keep threading until you have no room left for the burlap to unflatten. I used approximately 36 strips before I felt satisfied that it would give me the look I wanted.

Threaded burlap

Once you have threaded on your burlap, twist the ends of the wire together to create a hook and stop the burlap from shifting.

Create a hook on your wreath

If you don’t mind the hook being visible, then this is the perfect attachment to hang your wreath with. If, like me, you prefer it to be out of sight, you can hide it later on. Turn it so that the hook is at the bottom of the wreath, set your decorations on top, and either thread them through the burlap, around the wire (if they have wire themselves) or hot glue them on in the required place

wreath decorations

hook around the wire

I love these glittery clips that I got from Spotlight. They’re so easy to attach and reposition!

poinsettia clips

decorations with clips

My ivy vine was fantastic because I could pop the ivy leaves off the string, and hook them around whatever decorations I wanted to.

Ivy garland

hook the ivy leaves on

The beauty about having separate strips for the burlap is that you can twist them backwards and forwards on the wire so that you can have the desired ‘rustic’ look, and so that all your decorations can be positioned exactly where you want them.

Reposition your wreath decorations

To finish, I placed an oversized bow on the bottom of my wreath to cover up the twisted metal end – it hooked on very easily.

Beautiful Bow

You may notice that the gold bow I ended up with in the feature photo isn’t the original one I selected. This is because my original one was a bit flimsy and was already showing signs of having the glitter rubbed off after I attached it. So I simply popped it off, and exchanged it for another one I had found for $2. Ahh, the beauty of DIY!

New bow

After a few days the burlap starts to slip down the wire. An easy fix for this is to add some hot glue to the wire at various intervalls to not make it so slippery…I decided that I wanted to add an extra embellishment, however, so I hot glued on my Noel sign and I was done!

As I said, I can’t wait to hang it on my front door. You really can’t go wrong with a burlap wreath – it’s SUPPOSED to look rustic, so any mistakes will just add to the charm. You can match any colour you want, and you can disassemble it and use the decorations for something else later down the track if burlap really DOES go out of style.

Burlap Wreath

I will be a good little blogger, and be writing a few more Christmas related posts in the weeks coming up to the holiday so keep you’re eyes peeled! What will you do to stay off Santa’s naughty list?


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