Cassandra's Teddy Bear's Picnic Baby Shower

Cassandra’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic Baby Shower

Cassandra’s Teddy Bear’s Picnic Baby Shower

What a fabulous day!

I have just finally gotten home from a really special event – my sister-in-law Cassandra’s baby shower!

Despite the rain and ensuing humidity, nothing could put a dampener on this beautiful occasion (pun definitely intended!).

You may remember me writing about Cass and her husband Tom’s engagement (my first ever post!), Cass’s Bridal Shower and planning for her and Tom’s, wedding. Well, today marked the next exciting chapter in their journey together. In just over two months time, Cass and Tom will be welcoming a baby boy into the world, and today we celebrated. I’m going to be an auntie!!!

baby shower

Cass’s mother, Cheryl and I started planning the occasion a few months ago – you can tell we are looking forward to the impending addition to our family tree. It will be Cheryl’s first grandchild, and the first baby in my immediate family – needless to say we are excited!

I had a little experience with baby showers, after helping to plan my friend Danielle’s back in October. I was very happy to put my all into planning the decorations, food and games to help Cass feel excited about her baby boy bump.

Teddy Bear

We chose the theme Teddy Bear’s Picnic – however the weather challenged us with horrible, drizzly, incessant rain – but what’s a picnic without a little improvisation!


teddy bear themed

I decided that a teddy bear’s picnic wasn’t complete without every teddy bear’s favourite treat – honey! I acquired some honey from Geoffrey’s Honey in Gatton. They were kind enough to provide a free tasting pot of honey when I ordered some honeycomb to decorate the table, and they even provided a case of mini honey pots, perfect for our bonbonnieres, at a reasonable price. I definitely recommend their company for honey related products! I picked up these adorable honey dippers to finish off the presentation – just couldn’t resist!

honey pots

Cheryl and Cheryl (both mother and mother-in-law are called Cheryl!) and I provided the food, and it was a feast of cupcakes, crudités and quiches, among other treats, which the guests gobbled up.

yummy food

Georgina, an old school friend of Cassie’s, now has a business called Mad Batter Cakes, and she put together a masterpiece Red Velvet and fondant cake that was a sight to  be seen and tasted divine. Cass isn’t telling anyone the name of the baby yet, so for now he’s simply ‘Baby A’!

yummy cake!

We played games such as pin the bowtie on the bear, chatted with old friends, and made some new ones too!

Pin the Bowtie on the bear

Pin the Bowtie on the Bear

guests at the baby shower

guests at the baby shower

Guests were asked to bring as a gift a book for the baby and a square of fabric to be made into a quilt for Cass and bub. I thought it was a splendid idea as it creates a really meaningful and useful way of remembering the occasion. Of course, everyone wanted to spoil the mother-to-be, so lots of other gifts were featured as well!

baby shower gifts

books and fabric

Personally, I wouldn’t know the first thing when it comes to baby-related products – unfortunately I tend to go on the ‘cute’ factor rather than actual usefullness! So when the time to open gifts arrived, I was more interested in their adorableness. However, it seemed as though the practicality of things such as nipple pads was as much appreciated as the cute stuffed and patterned animals that she received. So much to learn for when there’s a mini splendid running around!

Cass opening gifts

opening baby gifts

baby gifts

lovely baby shower cards

Cass’s own mother gave her a gift basket of epic proportions – so big that you couldn’t even see her as she unwrapped it!

Cheryl's gift basket

Cheryl's gift basket

Cheryl's gift basket

Notice Cass’s badge? I made it myself, as well as an auntie-to-be, nanna-to-be and grandma-to-be version!

My mother and sister delivered an epic present wrapped in a balloon – that’s right WRAPPED IN A BALLOON! It definitely was one of the highlights of the present-unwrapping section of the event – even if it was because no-one was sure how to open it?

Balloon gift

Once we had opened it, it hilariously all shrink-wrapped itself!

balloon gift

Franky and Meg, the resident daschunds, helped us to check that nothing had been left behind.

Franky the Daschund

Franky the daschund

The afternoon ended with beautiful Cass cutting her cake and a few photos with friends and family. She is lucky enough to be sharing her pregnancy journey with one of her best friends, Lisa. We packed up, drank champagne, and thought beautiful thoughts about what joy this baby boy is going to bring to our lives.

cutting the cake

family photos

family photos

pregnant friends

Despite how many pregnant women feel, I really think pregnancy is one of the most beautiful natural states to be in (swollen feet and all!) and can’t wait til the day when I am expecting my own.

Happy Baby Shower Cass!

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