Hello, loyal followers.

Yes, I am being facetious. We all know I mainly write this blog for my future self.

I had intended to update you all with another riveting flashback to America 2014. But I’ve decided to live in the now, just for a moment. This post will hopefully be a little cathartic for me. Surely you’re used to my ramblings by now.

I’m sitting on my couch, listening to my favourite tunes, and trying to work up the motivation to do some pilates to get my damn core in shape before my International Women’s Day Fun Run this weekend.

The Women’s Day Fun Run has been part of my routine for the past three years, ever since I realised that I wasn’t completely terrible at running, and is a way for me to show support and have an emotional release for a cause close to my heart. This is the 25th anniversary of the run, and I’m really looking forward to it.

One of my close friends died of cancer when we were just 22. I used to hang out with her every day at school, muck around with her on weekends, and then when we went to uni I would catch up with her when we could FINALLY drink (legally, that is). And then one day, she was gone. The same year, a teacher who had known me since I was 4 years old, who had coached and mentored me, who had travelled the world with me and taught me to love and respect my voice, a woman who had been like a second mother to me, also died of cancer.

Every year when I get ready to run for breast cancer, I think of them. I run and I’m not ashamed to say that sometimes I shed a tear or five while I’m doing it. I feel so much better afterwards. And it always makes me feel so thankful for what I have.

I have been waiting for a big deal, for a big event or an idea to take over me so that I would have something to write about. I have been waiting for the next exciting chapter in the life of Emma Stuart. But then this week I came to a sudden realisation (some might call it a quarter-life crisis…Not mentioning any names, Ryan).

Tonight I’m feeling a little nostalgic, a little hopeful, and of course, a little contemplative. It’s a lovely way to feel, if I’m being honest. Isn’t this what life is all about?

I’m only 26. I’m young, fit, positive, healthy, and let’s not forget my cracking sense of humour. I have my whole life set out ahead of me and I have some pretty cool things going on in my life right now. Why the fuck would I be waiting for the next big thing?

All around me, people are having amazing milestones. Friends and family having babies, friends getting married. I’m stoked to see those people experience such joyous occasions, and feel blessed that I can be a part of them.

But for me, right now, I’m happy to be sitting on the peripheries. I’m happy to be sitting in my rental house, with my music, my two dogs, and my own company while my husband is at football. I’m living my own exciting chapter, just being me in the here and now. I’m going to keep that in mind while I’m running on Sunday. Running’s always easier without a heavy load.



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