Brammers and Chrissy's Cobaki Wedding

Brammers and Chrissy’s Cobaki Wedding

Brammers and Chrissy’s Cobaki Wedding

Anyone who follows my blog with any degree of consistency will know how much I love weddings. It’s pretty hard to have a bad time at an occasion solely focused on the celebration of love between two people! The wedding of our friend, Craig Bramwell and his beautiful wife, Chrissy van Sprang, this past Friday evening, was no different.

Yes, that’s right, another Friday wedding – gotta love those football friends! I can’t complain, however, as it made the perfect opportunity for me to take a 3 day weekend, and head down to the coast for a night away with my own lovely husband, Ryan.

The wedding itself was held at The Abbey Cobaki, in the beautiful area of Cobaki Lakes, about halfway between Tweed Heads and Coolangatta. We planned to stay at the Mantra Coolangatta, right near the beach, and hopefully get a chance to explore the area as well as attend the event.

Love Hearts

We had a leisurely Friday morning. I finished a short novel I’d been reading and pottered around home while Ryan finished some work. Unfortunately time got away from us and this turned into a bit of a rush. Before we knew it, it was midday and we had to pack the dogs up, drop them off at Ryan’s parents, grab some lunch, drive down to our hotel, AND get ready for the wedding, all in time to arrive at the location for a 3pm start!

Luckily (or not so much, I guess) Ryan and I are used to trying to keep patient while the other is running late. I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t get the teensiest bit short-tempered and snappish with Ryan (especially when he decided for lunch he’d grab a full burger meal from the Stapleton BP and sit eating chip by chip, while I wolfed down my egg and lettuce deli sandwich) but I knew that I had a few tricks up my sleeve to make getting ready a quick, seamless process. I painted my nails and did my full make-up and hair in the car on the way down, and when we arrived at the hotel and checked in by 2.30, all I had to do was throw on my dress (borrowed from Glenda – thanks Glenda!) and jewellery and I was set. Barely time to snap a picture together (and not sure why it’s so large!), we raced down to the lobby to meet with Nick and Alicia, some other football friends, and get a taxi – we would only be 5 minutes or so late (surely, it’s fashionable for guests to be late to a wedding?…no?).

Ryan and I

I couldn’t understand how Nick and Alicia were so relaxed when they met us in the lobby – nor could I understand why they had waited for us to arrive, and hadn’t set off to the wedding in a timely manner. It was then that Alicia told me – the wedding wasn’t until 3.30pm! To say I was overcome with relief was an understatement. We hopped in a cab and headed off, the only thing annoying me now was that I’d left my phone in the room! What if they had a wedding hashtag!? (Oh, the life of a 21st Century blogger).

It always intrigues me how people find their wedding venues – in our case, it was as a result of googling “boutique wineries on the scenic rim”, and that’s exactly what we ended up with. I was delighted to find that the Abbey was another of those squirrelled away, gorgeous locations that I’d never heard of. A romantic lake-side chapel with a rustically decorated function centre on a boutique 9-hole golf course – the perfect place for an intimate and private celebration.

Abbey Cobaki Golf Course

Me at the Abbey Cobaki

We arrived at the property in time for a drink and a chat, and before long we were ushered into the chapel. The beautiful sunset coming through the arches and stained glass windows really set the scene for a romantic occasion. You could see the nervous anticipation on Craig’s face (sorry Brammers, but it’s true!) as he and his two groomsmen awaited Chrissy’s arrival. Alicia and I managed to snag a seat and settled in, excited grins on our faces.

Craig waiting for Chrissy

Waiting excitedly!

The girls arrived, looking stunning in their white gowns. None could compare, of course, to the gorgeous bride, Chrissy. With her father by her side, she looked absolutely beautiful as she walked down to take her place by Craig’s side (photo courtesy of Chrissy’s friend, Tracey).

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The beautiful Bride


A short but sweet ceremony later, and we were all gathered on the lawn for hors d’oeuvres and more bubbly. It was so good to catch up with all our friends from Ryan’s old football club, and we had fun reminiscing about Bec and Daley’s wedding last year – I had a feeling tonight was going to be just as fun a night!

The lakeside chapel

Ryan's Football Friends


I wasn’t wrong. Some excellent company, some hilarious speeches, an amazing spread of food, and some fun dancing always make for a perfect occasion. The bride and groom were clearly enjoying themselves, and I think that really set the tone of the evening – seeing two people so in love and everyone in one place to celebrate their union.



amazing food

Dessert buffet

That’s one of the other things I love about weddings – fact that no matter who you are with or how many people you know, you always feel like one of the family. Everyone is happy, everyone is having fun, and the atmosphere is, to put simply, joyous.

Craig and Chrissy


Thank you, Chrissy and Craig, for letting us join in with your joyous occasion. May the rest of your days as husband and wife bring as much happiness to your relationship as your wedding day brought to me.

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