Danielle's Beautiful Baby Shower

Danielle’s Beautiful Baby Shower

Danielle’s Beautiful Baby Shower

What an exciting day!

A beautiful occasion for an even more beautiful mother-to-be.

In July, my close friend Danielle told us that she and her partner, Dan, were expecting their first baby together. To say I was excited was an understatement. When I found out it was going to be a girl…well, let’s just say that I may have gone to the shops and broken the bank on girly gifts.

Danielle and her family

Danielle and I have been friends since high school, we went to uni together for 2 years, and she was one of my bridesmaids when Ryan and I got married, so when she asked me to help out with her baby shower I jumped at the chance to pay her back for all that she had done for me.

I quickly put my hand up for decorations and game organisation – I think something to do with being a teacher means that you are predisposed to being a crafty control freak! I have spent nearly every night for the past two weeks making badges, bunting, jars, and collecting every pink, teal, and gold thing I could put my hands on – and it’s been so. much. fun!

Gift table decorations

Baby Girl Bunting


Held on her mother’s property in Buccan, we hosted 30+ people under a beautiful white marquee. The mother-to-be was a vision of feminine beauty in a lace dress with a gorgeous hair flower arrangement made for her by the lovely people at Chatswood Hills Florist. As a surprise, Dani had created some gorgeous gifts for her mother, her sister, myself, and our other friend Sybil. She gave us these gorgeous aprons. I didn’t expect anything, so I was so touched, they were absolutely beautiful!

Beautiful Aprons

Danielle and her mother

Danielle’s sister Clare provided the food and drink. We had high tea-style nibblies, champagne, and way too much chocolate to have on my conscience – but she’s eating for two, and we didn’t want her to feel self-conscious!

Our other close school friend, Sybil, made a gorgeous cake.

Baby shower Cake

Cutting the cake

She also put together this amazing hair piece station, similar to something I had seen on Pinterest. This is actually a fabulous idea for a girl’s baby shower. Every guest can take time to make the baby a new hairband or clip, as a sort of guest book. This baby girl is gonna look fierce!

Headband station

headband station

We played so many games, each one more hilarious than the last. The peg game, baby’s first portrait, nursery rhyme madness, and finish Mummy’s phrase, as well as a cracker called Separation Anxiety. I won’t say too much, but Separation Anxiety involved tweezers, mini m&ms and a time-limit. I’ll be posting soon about the games we played in particular! It definitely helped us make friends with strangers.

Making friends

Lastly it was time to open the gifts. Danielle asked that all guests bring a book for her baby girl’s library. I think this is an absolutely fabulous idea, as reading and developing a love for books from an early age can really set a child up to succeed in school and beyond. I will definitely be requesting this when I get around to starting my own family.

Opening gifts

Opening books

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to the guests and begin to pack up (an activity with which my food-coma really didn’t help).

The beautiful thing about a baby shower, however, is that it really marks the start of something exciting. This is just the first of many occasions that Dani will be celebrating for her new daughter. And I can’t wait to be involved in every one.

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