Do-It-Yourself Fascinator

Do-It-Yourself Fascinator

Do-It-Yourself Fascinator

Today I made a fascinator. From scratch (well, nearly). Not quite up to my friend, Roxzan Stewart’s standards, but I thought I did quite a decent job!

DIY Fascinator

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of the Melbourne Cup. I don’t bet, don’t follow the trainers, jockeys, or horses, and don’t particularly support the treatment of the horses involved or their offspring (but we won’t get into that).

What I DO support however, is a love for the arts and crafts, and beautiful things.

Beautiful Thing

So I thought I would use this week’s main event as an excuse to make something beautiful. A fascinator is not just for the races, you can wear a fascinator at a wedding, a High Tea, or just around and about the house if you’re so inclined!

They’re soooo easy to make. Even without my little helper I would have been fine. You could tell she was ‘fascinated’! (Sorry couldn’t help it!)

Emma's Little Helper

To make your own fascinator you will need the following:

Good quality scissors

A large centre focal point for your hat. Doesn’t have to be expensive – I can’t find the exact one online, but I chose a flower hair clip from BigW. You can get similar ones here. Mine was good because it has the option of becoming a pin!

Some lace/fishnet – I had some lying around home but I’m pretty sure you can get it from any decent fabric shop

Some glittery embellishments – I fell in love with these butterflies from Spotlight and was lucky enough to find them in black!

Some boutique feathers (also from Spotlight)

22mm or similar ribbon (heaps can be found at $2 shops – I got mine at Stacks at Carindale)

Needle and thread to match your accessories

Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks

You will need

Great focal point flower


Thread a simple stitch through your fishnet (keep the first end loose). When you get through the length of it tie both ends of the thread together. How tightly will depend on how bunched up you want your fishnet to be – I let mine stay pretty loose as my flower was quite large.

Sew your fishnetTie your fishnet


Take your ribbon and make a simple loop. Now take a slightly larger piece and do the same. Lay them together and stitch through the ends. You want your ribbon ends to be with the same side facing up, this way when you pull the thread tight you will get a slightly bunched look. I made two for my fascinator.

Loop your ribbonMake another loop slightly larger

Stitch your ribbon

Make two

Make sure you are happy with how all your pieces sit on your focal piece.

Now flip it over and get gluing! I hate using hot glue guns – I always manage to get the glue absolutely EVERYWHERE. However, you can’t fault them when it comes to being quick and efficient.

Hot glue your fascinator

Let the glue dry and Voila! You have yourself a beautiful DIY fascinator.

Beautiful Fascinator

DIY Fascinator

DIY Fascinator

I am wearing mine to school on Melbourne Cup day as all the teachers use the day as an excuse to get a little fancy and dressed up. We also have a competition as to who has the best hair piece! Fingers crossed I win this year!



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