The Best Dog-Friendly Beach on the Sunshine Coast?

The Best Dog-Friendly Beach on the Sunshine Coast?

The Best Dog-Friendly Beach on the Sunshine Coast?

Today was a very special day. We put on our togs, packed up the dogs, and took the hour and a half drive to the Sunshine Coast. Our destination – Marcus Beach, a dog-friendly beach 129Km north of Brisbane.

On the Way!


As well as wanting to give the doggies a nice day out after not walking them for two days (that’s an age in our house!), there was another special reason for our outing.

On this day in 2005, Ryan Stuart said those words every teenage girl dreams of.

“So… I guess we should have the girlfriend/boyfriend talk.”

Wasn’t he romantic??

Of course, my sixteen year old self swooned. In my head I thought nothing of the future, just the fact that we were now official!

Little did I know that ten years later I would still be madly in love with the same man. And today, on our ten year anniversary, we didn’t need michelin star restaurants, or hot air balloon rides to have a good time. We just needed each other, our dogs, and the ocean.

Marcus Beach

So…what’s so great about Marcus Beach? Without having travelled to every single dog-friendly beach on the Sunny Coast, I feel like I can still honestly say that you’d be hard-pressed to top it.

Located just south of Noosa, Marcus Beach provides 5km of beautiful soft sand and rolling waves. We took our dogs to the Peregian end of the beach, and about 1km away from any patrolled flags (you’re not allowed dogs off leash at the flags unfortunately).

Backed by lovely forest before the envy-inducing beach cottages, shops, and little hub of Peregian town, it was the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

Marcus Beach

The best part about the beach was that we practically had it all to ourselves, despite it being a balmy  28degrees on a Saturday afternoon. No tourists and not too many locals, and the ones who were about were incredibly friendly.

Empty Marcus Beach

The dogs enjoyed the frolic in the waves, however it was a bit rough for me to venture in! We had them on the lead for the most part, for their safety and our peace of mind!

On Leash at Marcus Beach

Marcus Beach

Tonka LOVES the beach (and the car!) so he had an absolute whale of a time (pun definitely intended)!

Tonka at the beach

Marcus Beach

Marcus Beach

After tiring ourselves and the pups out, we ventured 3 minutes or so up the road to see what we could have to eat. We met up with a friend we hadn’t caught up with in ages, and enjoyed surprisingly mouth-watering tapas at Wahoo Seafood, where they welcomed the dogs with open arms. All drinks and tapas plates were $5 each so we couldn’t really say no! Snapper with coriander pesto, prawns with fennel jam, and grilled pineapple with pork belly were just a few of the delights we sampled.

Wahoo Seafood

Snapper with Coriander Pesto

My favourite dish (and Ryan’s too!) was the black pepper caramel crumbed calamari (say that 10 times quickly). It was so good, the photos took a second priority to eating so you’ll just have to enjoy looking at the crumbs!

Tapas Crumbs

We drove home in the early evening, washed off and relaxed with a cup of tea.

A day like today really does prove that the best things in life are free. I have a beautiful husband, two adorable pups, and live in an amazing part of an amazing country. I couldn’t be happier.

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