End of the Line Festival 2015

End of the Line Festival 2015

End of the Line Festival 2015

Ryan and I had quite a different day to what we expected.

However it still turned out to be a really good day – one of those days where nothing goes to plan, but you are still in the company of someone you love, enjoying life and the experiences it has to offer- you know?

We decided to head down to Little Logan Road and Jurgen Street at Woolloongabba to attend the second ever 1 day End of the Line Street festival. I wrote about the inaugural event when we attended it last year and I couldn’t wait to see if it lived up to its memory.

Crowded Logan Road

We arrived a bit earlier this time around, as we thought that some of our friends would be there – turns out that we had miscommunicated and they weren’t planning on coming at all anymore, and so we found ourselves wandering the markets, bars and restaurants with only each other for company. That was perfectly alright – it’s been forever since we’ve done this kind of thing, just the two of us! We meandered up the street, and took note of what had returned and what was new – the stalls, stages and alfresco bar areas were all back for the second time around, and joining the festivities were a skate ramp (I know!) and three very enticing jumping castles (for children only, much to Ryan’s disappointment).


Though the photos look deceptively sunny, the weather was unfortunately being very unkind, and we were forced to take shelter from the rain inside one of the many bars in the Little Logan Rd cul-de-sac. We chose Canvas, purely based on it’s appealing facade, and the fact that I’d never been there before. A delightfully cozy and trendy place, it had exactly what we were after – shelter, cold beers, and a lunch menu. I had a veggie burger while Ryan devoured the pulled pork roll, and we drank beer and shared a plate of olives while the sound of the rain and band outside filtered in with the rest of the crowd escaping the drizzle.

Canvas Club

me in Canvas

Stone and Wood

Once we were suitably stuffed, we decided to venture out for a coffee from a delightful kart that we’d seen earlier. Unfortunately the coffee was terrible, however I did enjoy my chance to pat a few doggies while we waited for our brews to be made. Next year we must bring Tonka and Leia!

Koffee Kart

We wandered back through the crowds, and I had to tear myself away from an intriguing store selling secondhand goods. I didn’t need a second glass carafe with matching retro whisky tumblers, even though my heart said I did! Instead I distracted myself by moving along to listen to the hypnotic bass of Kerbside Collection on the Fiveways Stage. I could have listened to them all afternoon, but the dreary weather was rubbing off on us and we decided to head on home.

Kerbside collective

Despite the day not turning out anything like planned, I still had a good time. It was nice to spend time with my husband, and it felt good to support local businesses in a place close to home. Definitely recommend you go next year, if you haven’t already.

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