Epic American Adventures 2014 #1

Epic American Adventures 2014 #1

Epic American Adventures 2014 #1

OK, I feel horrible.

I feel like an artist who’s let her paints go dry, or a mother who has been neglecting her child. I’m sorry, readers! All 5 of you, I’m sure, have been missing me terribly.

I’m not going to lie and say I’ve got my mojo back, but I did have an idea so as to not let the cobwebs gather too much.

As most of you know, I LOVE to travel. I have been to 6 of the 7 continents, and in the past 5 years approximately 1.5 years have been taken up overseas.

So I thought in lieu of any current exciting writing, I would take a little trip down memory lane. Over the course of the next few weeks I will be adding posts that I wrote during our last big trip, 10 weeks in the United States of America and South America. I started off writing daily, but as the adventures heated up it turned to weekly. Please excuse in advance the writing and photos…I will admit I was little more than a blogging novice when I wrote these memories down, but I hope you’ll enjoy them none the less!

So without further ado…

…Flight to LA went well – lots of leg room and three seats between the two of us! When we arrived I got into trouble for having an apple and a banana in my bag. At least the customs officers were nice about it. Funnily enough, there were two other people pulled up for having food in their bags… And both of them had bananas.

Leg Room
Our flight to San Francisco was packed. Ryan and I were seated at opposite ends of the plane. I was struggling hardcore to stay awake.

We got to the hostel on the noisiest train I have ever been on, and without a glitch. It was 2.5 hours before check in, so we left our bags and went to wander. It’s much colder here than we anticipated! We ended up being too hungry and exhausted to wander far so we went to an Irish pub near our hostel – typical comfort food after being on the move for nearly 19hrs. Hard work, being a time traveler. It also doesn’t hurt that the Champions League was on in the pub.

When we eventually checked in we went straight to our room to have a nap, telling ourselves it would be a quick one so that we didn’t get too jetlagged. Unfortunately we slept through the alarm and ended up napping for 4.5 hours. We went to a cool burger place called Super Dooper Burgers for dinner – deliciously clogging our arteries! We also went to look in target for a tablet but didn’t find anything. Tomorrow we will hunt one down!

Super Duper Burger
Now that we’ve gone through the run down of our first day, here are my first impressions of America –
America has such a sense of false joviality with an underlying aggression, it really puts me on edge. Lots of the people are quite friendly, but give you the impression they could turn on you at any minute. San Francisco itself illicits a contradiction of feelings in me – it’s got all the vibe of commercial America that I’m familiar with from television, however also has some amazing history mixed in. And then there is the disgustingly obvious class divide, which is apparent in the multitude of homeless people on the street, constantly begging for change, rifling for half filled coffee cups in bins, sometimes following you into stores until the shop keeper threatens to call 911. It makes me wonder about how these people got there, what are their stories?

Ryan and I agree that America is not our favourite destination, by any stretch of the imagination. You really need to find value in the shallow aspects of life here to get any enjoyment. Maybe if we ventured off the beaten track we’d change our minds?


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