Epic American Adventures 2014 #6 - Waking Up In Vegas

Epic American Adventures 2014 #6 – Waking Up in Vegas

Epic American Adventures 2014 #6 – Waking Up in Vegas

Even though I’m not a gambler, there are a million and one things to do in Vegas. Shows, site-seeing, shopping; the possibilities are endless. You can (and we did) waste an entire day just exploring your own hotel. Here is a recap of our first full day.

Waking up in Vegas…

“We had a wonderful sleep in today…Our king bed is like sleeping on a cloud after the single bunk beds at the hostel. Going to enjoy it while it lasts!

When we eventually dragged ourselves out of bed we went and explored the hotel. It is the biggest hotel I have ever been in. There are over 25 restaurants/cafes/take aways (including two Starbucks and the hotel’s very own MacDonald’s), even more bars, a health spa, a gym, numerous gift shops, a wedding chapel, hair salon, monorail station, a sports lounge with 51 screens, and 6.5 acres of outdoor pool area. Adding this to the casino floor – this hotel makes for an easy place to get lost. We helped ourselves to some food from the underground food court and went to one of the bars to watch some premier league and do what people in Vegas do best – have some drinks!

One we’d helped ourselves to a few beverages at the bar, it was time for the pool. Now I was a bit sceptical, considering we’d spent the better part of a week rugged up with beanies and scarves in San Francisco. I didn’t have high hopes that we would now be in pool weather. I was happily surprised, however, when we found ourselves in the blazing sun next to the pool, and I was even more in the summer spirit when I discovered a 32oz pina colada slushie at one of the pool bars (excuse the large obtrusion in the photos…was a bit over-excited by the thoughts of slushies and swimming after freezing my arse off in San Fran).

Grand Pool MGM Grand

MGM Grand Pool

MGM Grand Pool

MGM Grand Pool Slushie

That afternoon we were lucky enough to find 30% off tickets to a Vegas show we’d had on our wish list – Penn and Teller (for some reason, Ryan didn’t want to see the Thunder from Down Under!). The only problem was it was 9pm that night or the following night – we had organised to go to the Grand Canyon the next day and needed to be up and waiting for the bus by 6.15am and we weren’t sure what time we’d return.. We decided that we rather have a short sleep than risk missing the show the following night.

Thunder from Down Under

After a 30 minute walk down the strip and over the high way, an unsuccessful search for an Indian buffet (which we found on our way out after the show), and some sketchy cheese fries, we settled in to the show at the Rio hotel.

This hotel was the first we had visited on the strip aside from our own, and I could definitely tell that it was a lot older than ours. One of those ‘has-been’ casinos that would have been amazing in its hay day, but now was just a sad reminder that there were people from all walks of  life in Vegas. Regardless, the show was great, a couple of magic tricks that I (perhaps over-confidently) felt I could explain, and more than a couple that left Ryan and I stumped – definitely worth the long walk and questionable surroundings.

We got a cab back to the MGM, on the way meeting a very friendly cabbie who then decided to tell us we were crazy for going to Brazil and not to bother because ‘there are so many guns there’ but that we would be OK because ‘people have guns in Australia though, don’t they, like you have guns in your homes and your cars of course’. The cab ride could not end soon enough, and we were glad to fall into bed in preparation for our big day tomorrow! Bring on a natural tourist attraction!”

If you go to Vegas for only one thing – don’t let it be the gambling. Don’t let it be the clubs. Let it be the shows. I wish we hadn’t stopped at just one.

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