Epic American Adventures 2014 #8 - Vegas, Final Days

Epic American Adventures 2014 #8 – Vegas, Final Days

Epic American Adventures 2014 #8 – Vegas, Final Days

I just wanted to get this one out there. It is the last ‘daily’ post on our American adventures, after this it will be a ‘weekly’ post which will be a lot longer, a lot busier, and a lot more epic (I hope).

BTW, how cool are those Panda Express cookie fortunes in the feature image? Totally got both of them at the same time. Way to go, universe!

And on again…

“We are finally into May, and already the last full day in our second destination…I don’t feel it’s going too quickly, though. I’m still very much feeling like the best is yet to come.

Today was spent exploring The Strip in more detail. We made our way up one side and down the other, weaving through each hotel as we came to them.

Las Vegas Strip

I reiterate what I said when we first got here, it is just like a theme park…each hotel has themed the decor down to the finest detail, from the greco-roman statues and artwork in Caeser’s Palace, to the mini canals and painted faux sky right across the road in the Venetian. Then there are there old casinos such as Harrah’s and The Flamingo, whose decor simply speaks of time where gaudy was in, and class had no place in such establishments. There were dancing girls, and beat boxers, and people dressed as Michael Jackson, Spongebob Squarepants, and Captain Jack Sparrow. There were fat people, beautiful people, drunk people, homeless people, and then there was us – the overwhelmed, over budget, over-being-solicited for money people, who were just enjoying a great day out in the sun, looking in on the debauchery that life in Las Vegas provides (and a little bit of sophistication…just a bit).

Garden in the hotels

Garden in the hotels

Garden in the hotels

Harrah's Hotel

We bought some beers, made our way back to our hotel,and Ryan worked while I listened to music and played a game on my tablet. We had one last thing to do in Vegas before we left… And it wasn’t getting married by Elvis.

Ryan hit the blackjack.

And no, before you get too excited, we didn’t win any money. And we didn’t spend all our money either. The sneaky thing the casinos here do is bring you free drinks while you gamble. So, even if you had your wits about you when you began, by the fourth hand or so, your focus gets a little fuzzy. I decided to go and explore the gift shops and another hotel that linked to New York New York while this was going on. We eventually headed to a design-your-own pizza place at about 10.30, and two hours later were snuggling down in our king sized bed for the last time.

Despite Katy Perry’s depiction of the Vegas lifestyle, I felt that I took on Vegas quite tamely. Maybe I did it wrong?”

Ok are you ready…are you excited? The next time you see me, Vegas will all seem like a distant dream. I can’t wait!


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