Epic American Adventures 2014 #5 - Vegas Baby!

Epic American Adventures 2014 #5 – Vegas Baby!

Epic American Adventures 2014 #5 – Vegas Baby!

Another short, but sweet one! I personally LOVED Vegas…I shudder to think what we would have done there if the budget had been a bit bigger. As it was, we had an epic time. The first day was a bit uneventful, but it gets better…

Not quite waking up in Vegas…

“First let me start off by saying I have already typed this entire post and had it delete on me… If this happens again I may just not bother doing it a third time!

Our last day in San Fran was pretty uneventful. We repacked our bag, said one last goodbye to the hostel and hopped on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) to the airport. We found our terminal easily, unfortunately didn’t find a Virgin members only line, and before we knew it we were on our way to Las Vegas!

The plane ride itself was entertaining. Virgin America hostesses and hosts don’t just stand in the aisle doing the safety demonstration, like their more boring Australian cousins. Believe it or not, they have a full music video, song and dance included, that is displayed on the screens on the back of each seat teaching you how to fly safely. Think rapping African-American children, Broadway-worthy choreography, and CIA-esque men standing in a pyramid formation doing the robot. This alone put me in an upbeat mood – we’re going to Vegas baby!! This mood was reinforced when the very friendly, very gay, air host gave me a free champagne mid-flight. I think he took pity on me when he saw the disappointed look on my face when he told me that alcohol wasn’t complimentary. Unfortunately turbulence towards the end of the flight had me regretting the champagne. Luckily for me I have an iron stomach! …(That’s sarcasm, by the way).

Virgin America

Air time

When we arrived in Las Vegas, my first impression was ‘over the top’. There were slot machines in the airport beside the baggage carousel, just in case you wanted to waste some money while waiting for your baggage. The contrast of desert right next to this blinding, dazzling, causeway of excess is just amazing. ‘The Strip’ as it’s referred to here, immediately made me think of a theme park – one tailored to adults. From New York New York with its mini Statue of Liberty, to Excalibur’s castle themed turrets, from the elegance of the Italian themed Venetian (complete with canal and gondoliers) to the gaudy and sadly outdated Flamingos, the strip made it clear very soon why this area is also known as ‘Sin City’. It’s an adults playground, and apparently what adults like to do best is drink, eat, gamble, and get strippers. Our hotel is exactly what I’d pictured a Vegas hotel to look like, though a little less has-been due to it being at the newer end of the strip. I actually love this hotel, I think the MGM Grand is perfect for introducing the Vegas lifestyle without being overwhelming.

The Strip



The Luxor Hotel

Upon arrival we settled into our room. We thought the clerk was joking when he said we had a bit if a walk, however our room is at the end of at least 150m of straight hallway from the lobby elevator. Luckily there is another elevator near our room (number 13555) which goes directly down to the West Wing bar (happy hour 5-8 every day), and an exit to the strip.

We decided on the buffet for dinner, and weren’t disappointed. There were at least 12 different types of mini cheesecakes, cupcakes, cookies, parfaits, and ice cream – and that’s only the desserts. We helped ourselves until we could barely move, and then went and crashed in our room and watched a movie – True American style! Not exactly a wild first night but exactly what we needed!”

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