Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers! A Morning at Finders Keepers Markets

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers! A Morning at the Markets Where Everyone’s a Winner

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers! A Morning at the Markets Where Everyone’s a Winner

I am currently sitting on my couch drinking a beer at 1.55 in the afternoon. I’m sitting on a couch, drinking a beer, and wearing only my underwear because it is So. Fucking. Hot. Can someone tell the weather man it’s still Spring?

And the front door is open. Don’t even give a damn. Come at me neighbours. I’ll throw my empty beer bottle at you and rage because that’s what the heat does to me. Turns me into the incredible hulk (minus the green and muscles). Either that or a puddle on the floor.

Thankfully this morning it wasn’t so hot, and I got the chance to get out of the house and meet up with a dear old friend of mine, whom I hadn’t seen for far too long. When I woke up I was struggling just a little from a bit of a hangover from Ally’s lovely birthday gathering last night, however I was so much looking forward to it that the hangover was quickly forgotten.

Nadine and I met in first our semester of our Bachelor of Journalism degrees at the University of Queensland. Clear eyed and bushy tailed, we took on the challenges of a ruthlessly unforgiving uni degree with reckless abandon. She went on to study Law and me, Education, (we obviously didn’t enjoy ourselves too much), however we’re both published writers (yes, other than on our own blogs) and made a beautiful friendship out of it, so you can’t say it was all for naught.


This morning we had a long-overdue reunion at The Finders Keepers Markets, held bi-annually at the Old Museum at Bowan Hills. The beautiful historic building was the perfect backdrop for the weekend markets, housing over 100 arts and designers stalls from local and national merchants. All 100% Australian – I do love supporting home-grown talent!




We decided first up to enjoy some coffee and breakfast, before sitting down for a chat.


The lovely thing about Nadine’s and my friendship is that, even without seeing each other for over a year, we both picked up right where we left off. Nattering away like no time had passed, and catching each other up on our lives.


After we had eaten our fill of breakfast I spied what I thought to be the holy grail of market foods – alcohol infused cupcakes. How had I been ok without these in my life up until now? We purchased a couple (deliciously naughty, but not sobriety-altering fortunately) and I got an iced tea to combat the increasing heat.





Then it was time for the market stalls!

I didn’t head to the markets with any particular purchases in mind. The thing that I don’t love so much about these markets is that due to the uniqueness and quality of most of the pieces, the prices aren’t always the cheapest. Don’t get me wrong – I am perfectly happy paying someone what their product is worth, however it does mean that I couldn’t go cash crazy and buy out the place. I am getting better at self control, I promise!






We perused the stalls at our leisure, delighting in the quirky bits and pieces that we spied and chatting amicably to the stall holders as we went.








I know this is awfully predictable of me, but I bought some more succulents. This time an epic terrarium bowl. It now sits in pride of place on my TV cabinet. I have also been given inspiration to make one of my own in a glass jar I have at home – watch this space for the DIY project post!



Before we left I grabbed a couple of T-shirts for Ryan from Salty’s Short Supply in Byron Bay. I already own a jumper of the same brand from my recent sojourn to Splendour in the Grass, and knew the guys there were absolutely lovely. Unfortunately I didn’t grab the correct size so they don’t fit Ryan…looks like I have two new t-shirts! Once I got over my disappointment at being the worst wife ever, I actually became secretly pleased…I think they look quite good on me!

I headed home with an empty wallet but some more soul-filling memories, and Nadine and I vowed to catch up for a brunch date soon – before next year!

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