Happy Daddy's Day!

Happy Daddy’s Day!

Happy Daddy’s Day!

Last Sunday, as those in Australia might know, was Father’s Day. I love Father’s Day. My dad is probably the hardest working person I know, and I always delight in the opportunity to tell him in an extra special way how much I love him and appreciate the things he does for me and our family.

After running the Bridge to Brisbane for the very first time that morning, I was looking forward to some relaxing family time. We took the doggy with us and arrived at my parents house around 11. We were soon enveloped in the comforting and happy atmosphere that only being with family can provide. To start we munched on crunchy carrot sticks with heavenly humus and delightful guacamole dip before heading to the culminating point of the day – showering dad with presents!

yummy snacks



It’s a bit of a tradition between my dad and I that whenever a new Scarpetta book comes out (by Patricia Cornwell – very much recommend the series if you’re into crime novels!), we buy it for each other (one or the other depending on whatever occasion is coming up first – so far we haven’t bought each other the same thing!). Dad also got a fancy ladder that folds every which way and that I think is so cool even I want one. The best present in my opinion, however, was the chainsaw that we bought him to cut down trees with. I think we had second thoughts though after seeing that he was a little too excited with it!


What is it?



After presents Ryan got to work on the BBQ (son-in-laws prerogative!). It unfortunately started to rain so our outdoor BBQ turned into an indoor feast with barbequed food. Three types of gourmet sausages (courtesy of woolies), some deliciously guilt-free grilled vegetables, a potato and prosciutto salad courtesy of mum, and couscous and halloumi mix (recipe coming soon!) made a banquet fit for a king. The trifle that my sister made was so delicious, I would have probably had at least three more bowls if my stomach wasn’t already bursting!



making trifle



dig in!

The best thing about Father’s Day these days is that my sister and I are old enough to know the real meaning behind it. As children, it would usually include this sort of dialogue:

Young Emma: “How come there’s Father’s Day but no children’s day!?”

Younger Dad: “Every day is children’s day!”

I’m sure many parents out there have experienced something similar. Now that I am older I really feel that I value the true meaning behind Father’s Day. I’m lucky enough to have two parents who are still together, and so is my husband. Despite the fact that Russell, his dad, couldn’t be with us on the day (but can’t help but think that he was happier in Europe!) we were both thinking how much we love and appreciate our dads and what they do for us.

Girls and Dad



Really, everyday should be a day you show people you love and appreciate them, but who doesn’t love getting some quality family time and presents to boot?

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