No pictures today, sorry peeps. Just me and my musings, for a change!

So I’ve been feeling a little unsettled recently…a month or so ago I stopped going to the gym (gasp, shock, horror!) and decided to try out doing yoga regularly instead (phew…breathe a sigh of relief). Unfortunately, however, I am feeling as though it has not been for the better. I have put on weight, started eating a lot more mindlessly, and over all am feeling blagh. I’m sure it’s not yoga’s fault, but I think personally I need something a little more…invigorating.

The yoga started out really well…I initially decided to jump on the yoga bandwagon because I felt as though all the strength training I was doing, while yes it did make me stronger, made me feel very rigid and brittle. As though I was tight and restricted all over. I knew I needed a change, so I started yoga…as time has gone by, however I’ve gotten progressively more achy and sore. I think initially in fact I’ve probably gotten achy from a virus, so stopped doing yoga as much, which in turn made me sore when I did do it yada yada yada…The problems are my hips, hamstrings and back – my sciatica has gotten progressively worse so that sometimes in the morning I can barely walk, and I certainly can’t do any form of acceptable down dog! This morning I described it to Ryan as “I feel like a tin man that’s all rusty and can barely move”. I’m in the process of figuring out what to do about it.

I know this is something that, if it doesn’t fix itself soon, I will need to get checked out…but until then I’m living in stubborn ignorance.


It’s time for a change. I’m going to start to do body weight workouts 3 days a week and cardio 3 days a week, and target and stretch my legs and back in between. A happy medium! It’s going to be great! I can feel it already!

Just in case anybody was wondering!

  • Nick Stewart says:

    Em, you’re too young to feel like the Tin Man, go see Chris Humpfrey, especially for the sciatica.

  • Loretta says:

    Good luck with the new program! As long as you listen to your body and do what feels good, you’ll find a good balance. I am stuck in a bit of a winter/working too much rut. Balance is hard but so important!

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