Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Home sweet home

Whirlwind trip officially over!

And what a trip it was . Weddings, shopping, sightseeing, eating, drinking, drinking, drinking…I think you get the picture!

I started to write this blog two days ago. I was sitting on an airplane, watching ‘Inside Out’, and feeling a bit happy and a bit sad.

I was happy to be going home, to all things familiar, my dogs, my home, my ability to drive a car, and my friends.

Now I am finally publishing it, three (or is it two? Do I count the change for timezone?) days later. I literally haven’t stopped since then!

I am happy and sad to be home; happy to be back in familiar surroundings (truly familiar, despite the fact I said England was familiar here) and I’m sad to be alone for the next week or so by myself while Ryan finishes his meetings in London. However, the two little shadows I now have (Tonka and Leia) are helping me feel not quite so lonely.

Luckily I have lots to do! If only I can stay awake for it!

Aside from the fantastic wedding, the past week has been very busy.

We took a trip to Brighton to meet up with my cousin before the wedding – very kind of her to make the time in between the pre-wedding hustle! I love Brighton; it’s laid back vibe, eclectic culinary scene, and beachside (albeit pebble beach) make it a really casual, relaxed place. Very different to the fast-paced culture of London.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Laneways

We did also take many day trips to the big smoke (a.k.a London) for various reasons. A few pub lunches, a trip to the Covent Garden markets (again!) and a walk through Regent Street, Oxford Street, and Piccadilly Circus, and we had ticked all our tourist boxes.

Piccadilly Circus

Choosing to drive to London (twice) was perhaps not my parents and my best decision (with both trips taking approximately 2hrs), however I now know the outer suburbs of London a little better! We celebrated a pseudo fathers day on Wednesday last week with chinese and a show. We went to see Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance (minus Michael Flatley). I have to say that while Irish Dancing isn’t particularly one of my interests, and the storyline was incredibly ambiguous (due to there being barely any dialogue), the talent in the show was absolutely outstanding.

Dad and Ryan

Father's Day


brotherly love




Lord of the Dance

Our last few trips to London consisted of a trip to Harrods, and of course, Hamley’s! For those who don’t know what Hamley’s is, it is the biggest toy store your childhood self can imagine. It is 5 floors of colourful, loud, and varied toys, including stuffed toys, Harry Potter, and Lego, with demonstrators stationed on every level showing you how to use the weird and wonderful Hamley’s branded toys.


Harrods, while I know it’s basically an over-priced tourist trap, was full of incredibly interesting things. My favourite were the teeny tiny beds on display to show you how the sheet sets look. They even had their Christmas area up and running! Unfortunately, due to the ridiculous exchange rate and Australia’s terrible dollar, I couldn’t shop to my heart’s desire.



While I think back on the past two weeks with incredibly fond memories, I am very happy to be back in Brisbane. All the things you take for granted when you are home, you remember when you go away!

They say travelling is the only thing that costs money but makes you richer, and I have to agree. I am incredibly blessed to be able to say that going to England is almost like going home. So…from one home to another I guess!

My flight arrived an hour late on Wednesday night, I was picked up by my mother-in-law Cheryl, and (god bless her) taken back to her house to a home cooked meal and a warm bed, and the best thing of all – my two doggies. I didn’t realise how much I missed them, and it seemed they missed me too (I think Tonka’s little tail was going to wag off and his tongue was going to be sandpaper from trying to lick me so much). Leia decided I had wronged her by abandoning her for two weeks and so decided to ignore me for most of the night. It didn’t last the night however, so she’s very quick to forgive!

I had originally planned to drive home that night, but when I realised a) that I had no groceries at home to speak of; and b) just how tired I would be, I decided to take Cheryl up on her offer of hospitality. Luckily I had work appropriate atire in my suitcase (and it wasn’t TOO wrinkly!) and so I set off to my class of 9/10 year olds at 7.15 the next morning (woke up with a BING! at 3am). Crazy, you say? Why yes, I wholeheartedly agree, as it’s two days later and I still haven’t unpacked my suitcase!

Yesterday was a bit of a blur; school, then visit mum and dad’s dog to let her know that the family still lives on, then grocery shopping, then go back to Cheryl’s to have yet another home cooked meal (she really does spoil me!), pick up the dogs and finally, FINALLY head home…more than 24 hours since I arrived back. It didn’t occur to me until the drive home that we might have actually been robbed, or vandalised, or any number of horrible things that happen to people when they’re away for an extended period of time. Luckily it was all as remembered, plus a few cobwebs, and some plants that needed watering that I’d completely forgotten to tell our friends about. Miraculously, they were all alive. The dogs and I were both very happy to be home and I felt at peace as I unpacked the groceries and the dog crates, and went to sleep in my own, heavenly comfortable, giant queen sized bed.

Today was even more of a struggle; awake at 5, walk the dogs, go to work, 4pm appointment, and then home again. I allowed myself a sneaky kip on the couch, then finally my rumbling belly forced me to cook my first meal in 2 weeks. Satisfying chicken stir fry!

And now I’ve got a jam-packed weekend planned – hens do, bridal expo on Sunday, multiple meals out, and who knows what else…maybe if I pretend the jetlag doesn’t exist, it’ll go away? What do you think?




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