What a wedding - Jenny and Bryn Get Hitched!

What a wedding – Jenny and Bryn Get Hitched!

What a wedding – Jenny and Bryn Get Hitched!

What an amazing weekend. I have just returned from the wedding of a gorgeous girl to the love of her life. Ahhh, romance!

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to be witness to the wedding of my high-school friend Jennifer, to her fiancé Bryn. Jenny and Bryn have done a few big things together, travelled, bought houses, but this was the biggest yet – and they couldn’t have looked happier.

I go on and on about how much I love weddings, but it’s true – you just can’t beat the radiance of a bride on her wedding day, or the looks of complete and utter devotion that two people who love each other share when they get married. Everybody say nawww!


It had been quite an eventful day for me to get there. I was driving down the scenic rim, thinking of how beautiful a journey it was. I was enjoying the views and scenery of Northern NSW, on track to reach my accommodation, throw on my party clothes, and get to the ceremony with plenty of time to spare. I knew I didn’t want to be rushed, so I did my hair and make-up at home before I set off.

And thank God I did…

About 10 minutes from my accommodation, the road was blocked. And if you know the scenic rim, you’ll know that these windy mountain roads rarely fork. Long story short, I asked the nice police lady where best to detour. Her words were this :

“Well…I know that dirt road over there says no through road, but lots of people have turned down there and haven’t come back, so give it a go.”


I did as she suggested – I was channelling Bilbo Baggins. I was going on an adventure! I regretted it immediately.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – but no, the road didn’t end. Then again, you could hardly call it a road…so I guess it did. What followed from me making that fateful decision to turn down that lane was this – I bumped along what can only be described as a 4WD track, for the better part of 7 or 8 kilometres. I thought for sure my teeth were going to rattle out of my head, my front bumper was going to be bounced off my car, and that I would slide down the side of the hill that I was so precariously following. Every kilometre or so there would be a house, giving me some hope that there was an end in sight. After about 2 kilometres my phone stopped telling me to make a u-turn and linked up to where I (hoped) the bitumen would restart at the other end. If you don’t believe my distress during this painful time, take a look at the photo I took (and yes, I was stationary at the time).


Once my GPS regained its senses I realised that – shit – I was going to be very late. An extra 43 minutes had been added to my journey. Not to mention that I would need to pull over and find a place to change out of my jeans and tank.

I made it though. One servo stop later, a very confused counter attendant, and I was pulling into the ceremony just in time to see Jenny and Bryn be congratulated on becoming husband and wife.

Whatever bad mood I’d been in was instantly erased when I saw them together. There’s always something about seeing a couple on their wedding day – you know that no matter what horrible, annoying, little insignificant first world problems may occur in your life, as long as people love each other so completely, everything will be ok. Jenny and Bryn opted out of having a big, dressed up bridal party, and so the focus was purely on the two of them and their happiness. It was so lovely.


The remainder of the reception was just as joyful – drinks and canapés on the lawn, accompanied by an amazing musician, and made even better by the beautiful location that Jenny and Bryn had chosen. I’d never heard of Mavis’s Kitchen and Cabins, but I loved it – a gorgeous old Queenslander (which you all know from my own wedding I’m a fan of!) surrounded by the lush farmland of the Tweed Valley.





The restaurant itself was just perfect for such an intimate wedding. The perfect size, a wraparound enclosed balcony with a dance floor and bar in the middle. The food, all organic and sourced locally, was delicious as well – my halloumi salad was amazing and the non-veg option had me drooling a little bit as well!



The night continued, as all great weddings do, with lots of drinking, dancing, and laughs. Some fantastic speeches (including one from the bride and groom), an amazing profiterole cake, a rendition of the Nutbush, and some party sparklers to finish it off – the perfect occasion to welcome Jen and Bryn into their new life as husband and wife.


I may have had one too many wines, and the drive back the next day was not the most fun! But I wouldn’t have changed a thing – thank you Jenny and Bryn for a fabulous night!

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