Long Weekend Camping Trip

Long Weekend Camping Trip

Long Weekend Camping Trip

How do you like my new feature image? I’m playing around with a few things, trying some new things out to get a few more views!

I actually love the photo. I took it on Saturday and I have a feeling I’ll be reminiscing about it’s location for a few months coming. I’ve just returned from a fantastic weekend.

Great weekend

I’ve been camping at North Stradbroke Island, along with Ryan, the dogs, and an awesome group of cool, chilled out people.

Tonka is keen

One of those weekends that you just wished would never end, you know?

We headed off early on Saturday morning, picked up by Kris and Ally in Ally’s family’s Pajero. We left in plenty of time to make the 7am ferry in Cleveland. A 45 minute ferry trip, and we were bouncing our way across the hard sand along the coast of Straddie. If you’ve never been there, I can’t recommend it enough. The scenery, the unbroken horizon, is the stuff dreamtime stories are made of.

Beautiful SceneryGlorious SurfDogs love the beach

Glorious beach for ks and ks. Sun, surf, and a heckload of sand. Magnificent stuff.

This was my second time round camping at Straddie. Like last year, we took the time to drive a little further down the 4WD-only east coast, searching for the perfect camping spot. We eventually found it – a secluded little gully, right on the beach, over the dunes and  shaded beautifully by the trees. There were other campers close by, but you couldn’t even see them, so we were barely bothered by it.

Tonka making friends

Ready for food

The next two days were blissfully spent relaxing on the beach, playing frisbee, volleyball, and cards, stack lining, and generally having a great time.

Playing FrisbeePlaying Finska

Needless to say, lots of sunscreen was used, lots of marshmallows were eaten, and of course, lots of beer was drunk.

relaxing with friends

Dogs on the beach

The dogs had a great time too! Rod and Nicole brought their new Labradoodle puppy, Apollo. After a ‘ruff’ introduction (pun definitely intended), the three dogs got along fantastically and were soon leaping through the waves, rolling through the sand, and being everyone’s best friends.

puppy friends

One of the highlights for me was when I took Tonka and Leia for a walk along the beach. So relaxing! The weather was perfect, and I don’t know who had more fun – me or the dogs!

Doggy walk

Dogs having fun

beautiful Leia

They were thoroughly pooped by the end of it.

Ryan tried his hand at beach fishing, but unfortunately for him (and fortunately for the fish!) didn’t catch anything. Luckily he was cheered up by some home-made damper by the campfire on his return!


I won’t say too much, instead I’ll let the photos do the talking. Stradbroke camping is definitely near the top of my list of favourite places to go. I hope the tradition continues!


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