Melanie and Michael Tie the Knot

Melanie and Michael Tie the Knot

Melanie and Michael Tie the Knot

Today I am really wishing to go back to the weekend. Back to the sun, the surf, and the beautifully sweet marriage of my family friend Melanie, and her beau Michael.

It’s been a miserable day. The rain has only just stopped lashing the windows, the wind has finally ceased it’s constant whistling, and my pile of work doesn’t seem to have diminished at all – do I really have to go back to work tomorrow?

I guess it’s not all bad, though. Endless cups of tea, some good tunes, and the memories of the past couple of days have kept me in good spirits – despite my moaning, I am actually a tiny bit looking forward to returning to school. I miss my friends and students, but I’m sure I’ll regret saying that by the end of the week! And it doesn’t hurt that my 9.30 netball game tonight has been cancelled – I think my reaction of “Thank Christ!” in the group chat might have been a bit much though, seeing as I only met those girls last week…hmm.

A mini-break on the weekend was just what I needed to round off what has been a very relaxing two week school holiday. We headed off around midday on Saturday, dropping the dogs off at the in-laws on the way, and made the hour and a half journey down to the beautiful beach at Coolangatta. Unlike our last wedding down near Tweed, we were making great time – the wedding was taking place a mere 700m from our hotel, Mantra Coolangatta Beach, and we arrived with plenty of breathing room. We met up with my sister (we were sharing an apartment with my family), had time for a beverage or two and to enjoy the amazing view, and strolled off down the esplanade towards the Pat Fagan Park for the ceremony.




The weather was gorgeous – despite some hectic wind (my hair style didn’t last very long), the sun was beating down, and the waves were lazily chasing each other up the sand – and the park, overlooking the beach, made the perfect setting for such a romantic occasion.

Pat Fagan Park

Melanie’s family and mine lived next to each other for ten years when we both were in Primary school. I am a few years older than Mel, but we still shared and enjoyed the obligatory neighbourhood birthday parties, school runs, and when we got old enough, baby sitting duties of our younger siblings. I’d been aware of Mel and Mick’s romance and engagement thanks to Facebook, and despite not knowing him very well, one thing was obvious to me when he watched Melanie walk down the aisle – his devotion and love for her. That look on his face…every woman should have the opportunity to be gazed at with such adoration – and it didn’t hurt that she looked absolutely stunning! They had asked for an ‘unplugged’ ceremony (no photos other than from the photographer) so you’ll have to believe me when I tell you just how beautiful the ceremony was.

A couple of hours later we gathered for the reception at the Twin Towns Club and Resort. As soon as I walked in I was delighted by the decor and setting Mel and Mick had chosen – the white, gold, aqua and teal colour scheme was perfect for a beach themed wedding, and I was even more impressed when I found out Mel and Mick had organised the decorations all by themselves (with the help of their families of course!). Mel had even made the cake – a feat of which I was quite jealous!







The night passed as all fun weddings do, with beautiful speeches, amazing dancing, fantastic music and the all-important photo booth! I really feel like my photo booth skills are getting better with each wedding…the only problems are those pesky other guests who think they deserve a turn too!








It was even better to have my parents there to share the fun with. We headed home at an easy stroll, enjoying the warm breeze and thoughts of the beach tomorrow.

Sunday was just as beautiful weather wise, and after enjoying breakfast and coffee at a Black Sheep Espresso Bar (good find, Ryan!) we hit the beach and then the hotel pool before heading home.




I love weddings (you should all know that by now!), but when they take place in such a beautiful setting it’s even better. Thank you, Mel and Mick, for inviting us to share your day with you – here’s our best wishes that each day of your marriage be as lovely as the first!


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