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Just a short one today, friends. We have now been in the UK for 6 days. Having been joined by the entire Stewart clan (all 3 of them), we settled in to our temporary home with some good food, good drinks, and good company!

Dad arrived on Friday night, and Mum and Grace finished off the arrivals on Saturday evening. A lovely light dinner, and off to bed at the very reasonable hour of 10.30pm. I was overjoyed – jetlag! What jetlag?!

The next day, my cousins Guy and Alice, and Alice’s fiancé, Graham joined us for a traditional roast Sunday lunch. Mum, Guy and I went for a lovely walk through the fields surrounding the farmhouse. The gorgeous English countryside is hard to remember when you’re in the inner-city, but once you’re away from the hustle and bustle the beautiful scenery is to put simply, breathtaking. I regret not taking more photos, and the weather has taken a turn for the wetter over the past day or two, so I’ll try again in the coming days!


Uncle and Nephew
Sunday dinner was followed by lots of lovely catch ups with my cousin and her fiancé. The whole purpose of our trip to the UK this time around is to attend their wedding, so it was lovely to have a chat and hear all the exciting wedding gossip!

At about 7pm tiredness hit – I was determined not to fall asleep, but by 8.30 I’d succumbed to jetlag and headed to bed.

Monday was a bank holiday, so we ventured into Tonbridge for a slow stroll up the high street and popped into Sainsbury’s for some groceries. One thing that England has that I haven’t seen of many of the suburbs of Brisbane, is that each town has it’s own ‘high street’ where you are guaranteed to find some cafes, some op-shops, a couple of grocers, and the ever-important English pub. We didn’t pop into the pub, but we did head into Greggs for a pastie! We decided to give Dad his father’s day present early, seeing as Australian Father’s day falls on the wedding weekend here. We are shouting him a night at the Theatre…we are heading into London this afternoon in our finest to have dinner and be wowed by The Lord of the Dance. Can’t wait!

Fathers Day 1

Fathers Day 2

Fathers Day 3

Tonbridge High Street


Yesterday the family also headed into London together – we decided to be completely crazy and drive. About 2 hours later we were in Kensington, ready to see the Natural History Museum. We decided to have a pub lunch first, before tackling the mammoth museum, and the chosen place ‘The Queens Arms” did not disappoint. From healthy to gourmet, pub fare in the UK is nothing to be sneered at!

Mum and Grace

Dad and I



Natural History Museum

After a tour around about half of the museum (it seriously is HUGE), we decided to call it a day. Ryan and I headed off to Oxford street to find him a wedding belt, and the rest headed home in the car. We caught the South Eastern home again, and Ryan made made a delicious vegetarian curry for dinner. Very simply, we have spent the past few days doing things we could very easily do at home (except for the museum of course!), however the bonus of family makes it so much better!


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