A morning at the flower markets

A morning at the flower markets

A morning at the flower markets

Last Saturday morning my mother- and sister-in-law and I ventured to Rocklea to visit the famed Brisbane Flower Markets. Not just any foray, our venture was of the wedding kind – to order flowers for my sister-in-law’s up and coming wedding. You may remember my post on their fabulous engagement party. Following that, Cassandra has the wedding planning down to a tee and this was the next thing to tick off the list!

The morning was a beautiful example of the Queensland climate; the sun was shining, it was cool without being cold, and the bright flowers perfectly reflected my happy mood. Arriving early, I had a great chance to snap some of the beautiful bouquets of all shades and shapes. In truth, I almost wanted to write this post simply to show off the gorgeous photos I got (so…be prepared for a bombardment)! But as a recent bride myself, I know it can be overwelming to organise so many things, particularly flowers. It’s especially confronting when you have no idea about seasonals, types of arrangements, colour matching and all the rest of the floristry-related jargon that I had absolutely no clue about before I got married! I remember being a bit put off when I couldn’t see real life samples of the flowers I wanted to have in my bouquet when I visited my florist…despite visiting in August for a November wedding (durrr). The stuff they have at the markets is amazing; natives, exotics, and even the odd chilli plant gets thrown in, so my recent visit was much anticipated.

Flower Markets



Native Bouquet

Bright Bouquet

Chilli Plants

If you’re a soon-to-be bride and you haven’t organised your flowers, I highly recommend a visit. Not only do they have florists on site who can do the ordering, arranging, and delivering for you, they also have everything you should need if you are a bit handy with flowers yourself and decide a DYI approach better suits you. The market has got so many flowers (seasonal of course), as well as fake flowers, a plethora of vases, jars, and pots, and also foam, wire and all those other things florists love. I think it’s fabulous to simply go along and be opened up to a world of flowers that you never knew existed (or be presented with too many choices)!


Fake flowers

Purple Bouquet

Bright Blue Bouquet


We specifically visited the counter of a company called Brisbane Market Flowers. Coincidentally, both Cassie and I went to school with one of the florists there so it was easy to feel comfortable sorting things out – it’s very important to develop a good rapport with your florist, as you will no doubt have ideas chopping and changing, and not to mention the stress of the day can lead to a lot of communication needing to happen! Ryan and I were lucky enough to have a lovely florist on our day, even though Flowers By Corrina didn’t work out of the Flower Markets. Trust me, if you get along with your florist, it’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Brisbane Market Flowers

Florist and Bride

Blush flowers

Even if you’re not getting married I can’t recommend the flower markets enough – the flowers are always fresh, the variety is incomparable, and the prices can’t be frowned at. Whether you’re choosing them out of the chilled room, straight out of the bucket, or a pre-arranged assortment, you can’t go wrong. You may be paying a little more for some varieties, but you can always be assured that they will last far longer than the store bought kind. I bought a beautiful arrangement for my dining table, and I intend to do so over and over again! They are open six days a week. Give it a try!

My own flowers

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