Resurgence of a Splendid Life

Resurgence of a Splendid Life

Resurgence of a Splendid Life

Months had passed that felt like years.
Through that time she felt the fears,
(and many tears) but the mere idea
of change brought tiny cracks.

Her old self, siphoning out. Slowly, surely,
bringing clarity, cleansing purely.
Dripping out (though not demurely)
of her raging soul and mind.

Many others helped her through,
from She the Old to She the New.
She still needs to find it herself (it’s true).
She’s nearly there, yet still….. far……….. away.

The Splendid Life? It’ll be resurgent.
Convergent. She can feel it. Re-Emergent.
The final push. The final shove.
Out the door. Over the edge.

Into the sky.

I never realised how much this special place meant to me until I couldn’t access it. How much the tenuity of the internet would devastate me when my website went down. I never realised how important this blog would become to my life, how important it would be to me as an outlet, as a record keeper of my thoughts, feelings and emotions, when I started it nearly three years ago. I said to a friend a little while ago that I had a narcissistic drive to only write what other people would want to read, what I would want them to read about me. But this is so much more than a self-censored advertisement of my life. I never pictured that not having it available for me to read and record my thoughts would have such an impact. But it’s back. And so am I. Almost.

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