Rocklea Collectorville Retro Fair

Rocklea Collectorville Retro Fair

Rocklea Collectorville Retro Fair

I have just remembered that this morning I promised to tell you all about my visit to the Retro Fair in Rocklea. How remiss of me. I can’t let my thousands of fans down now, can I?

Once again I am sitting in one of my spots – on the couch, with good music playing, a good glass of wine, and enjoying the quiet that only an otherwise-empty house can provide, thinking about just how exactly to communicate to you all the things I enjoyed this morning. Facebook and YouTube are doing wonders for my procrastination skills.

Ryan is away for the night, and I am not-quite looking forward to going to some professional development in the city tomorrow. But at least it’s better than going to school, right? I’m coming off the tail end of a rather brutal cold, and am feeling a little slow, a little sleepy, and a little melancholy, if I’m honest…it’s just been one of those weeks, I guess. My mood has been bolstered this weekend, however, by some fantastic events.

Friday night was my lovely mother’s birthday dinner, then yesterday a rockin’ 80’s themed party for our friend, Daley’s, 30th birthday (as you know, I love a dress-up). The Collectorville Retro Fair this morning (followed by a Stuart/Andersen family lunch where we caught up with my cutie nephew) was just the icing on the cake. In the past couple of years I have really found a love for vintage things. Music, accessories, clothes, furniture – things done right in a time when life wasn’t so quick and easy. I find sometimes the rush of today’s society means that things are cut and copied so quickly that real quality is hard to find, and people generally prefer ‘the cheaper the better’ because they know there’ll always be a new model, a better replacement just around the corner. I really value the long-lasting products of the past and find there’s real class in timeless things.


Ryan and I headed over to the Rocklea Showgrounds, off Ipswich Road, at about 9am. I’d spent the better part of half an hour trying to assemble my hair into some form of 1950’s quiff and kerchief ‘do before deciding, fuck it, I’ll go as 2016 Emma and stuff the lot of them (as was my mood, still in dress-up mode from the night before you see).

We paid the $8 pp entrance fee, and stepped into a delightful time-warp of 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s…well you get the picture…memorabilia, music, and a mash-up of trash or treasure and knick-knacks stalls. Oh, and clothes…upon clothes, upon clothes, upon clothes, upon CLOTHES! I was instantly in heaven.

We opted for brekky and a coffee first, before we started to peruse the endless stalls of antiques, bric-a-brac, collectables and ephemera (my new word of the day)…and here, I came across a problem. How would I possibly fit all the things I fell in love with inside my (now seemingly) tiny house? There was nothing for it – I would have to choose one, yes just ONE, thing to purchase. Otherwise I would never, ever be able to resist every single thing (did I mention I love old stuff?).

I’d had in my head from the beginning that I might quite like to find some wine/champagne glasses, crystal cut, a timeless design of course, and definitely a whole set – nothing less would do. I took my time, however enjoying all the plethora of amazing wares on offer – books, kitchenware, (incredibly creepy) toys, jewellery, furniture, you name it – I saw it.




I tried to convince Ryan to purchase a rather dashing $22 tweed woollen jacket (he refused, stating he’d never have an opportunity to wear it in QLD, I said “Who cares?”), and then there they were – exactly what I’d been looking for. A rather nice set of Bohemia crystal glasses. I didn’t particularly care that they weren’t that old in the grand scheme of things, second-hand always trumps brand new. The sensible shopper in me decided to finish traversing the stalls before I grabbed them, an idea that was wholeheartedly supported by Ryan (whom I needed to give me the cash anyway). I was only two stalls away when the panics set in –

“What if someone else grabs them?” (me, starting to turn back)

“Then you won’t be able to buy them, will you?” (Ryan, as helpful as ever)

“I’ve decided they’re the ones. I really, really want them.”

“But what if you find something better?”

“Well, let’s make this quick then” (me, rushing through to the next stand)

“You know that was master my plan all along, right?” (Ryan, revealing just how sneaky and scheming he really is)

So, Ryan got his wish, and I zoomed through the rest of the stalls, before returning to claim my prize – yes! They were still there, and now they were mine.

I made him pay for it, though, when we decided to look at the clothes. Hats, jewellery, shoes, bags…and lampshades, for some reason.


Unfortunately, despite taking my sweet, glorious time, I didn’t find anything that grabbed my fancy. All was right in the world, though, as I wasn’t going home empty handed!



And tonight, drinking out of my fancy new glassware, I am satisfied. Despite not buying anywhere near as much stuff as I was anticipating, it was still so lovely to see such amazing reminders of the past. I was really glad to have this fair close to home, and I hope there’s another one soon!

nb: cover photo courtesy of the Collectorville Facebook page – give them a like!

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