Roxy's Woodland-Themed Baby Shower

Roxy’s Baby Shower

Roxy’s Baby Shower

Today was my dear friend and colleague, Roxzan’s, baby shower. I used the opportunity to break out my recently returned camera and get snapping!

It was great to catch up with so many people from work in such a relaxed, happy environment, far removed from the hustle and bustle of school life. We drank, we ate, we played games, and we enjoyed Roxy’s family’s hospitality while we laughed about strange baby boy names, and discussed all the weird and wonderful baby-related things you can possibly think of.

Roxy's Baby shower

Roxy's Baby shower

Roxy's Baby shower

Roxy's Baby shower

Agnew School ladies

Work ladies  Glenda and Wendy  Roxy and Tatjana  Markeeta and Nic

Obviously, I am not a completely child-ignorant person. However, despite all the experience I have with school-aged little ones, and both the baby showers I have thrown, I am still decidedly uneducated when it comes to the specifics of babies.

The great thing about baby showers, however, (I personally think) is that even if you don’t have a baby, know any babies, or even know anything ABOUT babies, you can still have a good time. There is guaranteed to be good food, good conversation and maybe, if you’re lucky, some good champagne – all of which make even the most child-ignorant person happy.

And today made me happy.

Roxy and Me

You know when you see someone so filled with joy, with such good things coming their way, that they just make you smile? That was what today was about. Roxy and her husband, Harry, are expecting their first baby together. The time is soon approaching when their two will become three. There’s a simple Roald Dahl quote that perfectly sums up the way that Roxy looked today:

If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

Now, Roxy is already a lovely person, inside and out. She is a joy to work with and has become a good friend in the two years we have worked together. Throughout the morning; the chats, the food, the drinks and the gift opening, Roxy had sunbeams shining out of her face. She looked beautiful. Even when my somewhat shoddy photography skills were in play, (that’s the height-chart I made her, by the way – you can’t see but has string attached to wooden dowel at the top – I’m getting good at this!), she was simply beaming.

Roxy opening gifts

Roxy opening gifts

Roxy opening gifts

Roxy, if you’re reading this, here’s to you – thank you for a lovely morning. I can only guess how excited, scared, happy, anxious, and all manner of other contradictory emotions you must be, but I know that you will be a fabulous mother.  Congratulations, once again, to you and Harry.


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