Sunny With a Chance of Hail

Sunny With a Chance of Hail

Sunny With a Chance of Hail

I have a question for Mother Nature, and it’s probably one that a lot of people in Brisbane are asking right now…

What the hell is up with this crazy weather?

August/September in Queensland is usually known as the windy season…the days are finally becoming sunny, and it can sometimes get so dry that the wind brings along with it hideous dust that covers anything and everything in its path. But for the past week it has been gloriously sunny in the mornings, followed by rain, rain and more rain!


Believe it or not, these two road photos were taken about 20 minutes apart!

I just can’t quite seem to plan my days! Go to the beach? Do some laundry? Guess again! Even my blog is suffering – my initial plan to write a blog article about a beach trip on the weekend was washed away (pun intended) when it started to rain 20 minutes from the Gold Coast. My ‘Doggy Sunbaking 101’ post was made quickly irrelevant when the dogs had to run inside from the rain 10 minutes after I finished their ‘photo shoot’ (which they loved by the way, don’t let them tell you otherwise).

Sunbaking Dog


Leia being adorable

Werk it baby! She’s totally doing Blue Steel right now.

The beach trip wasn’t a complete waste of time, as my sister and I headed to the Gold Coast Pet and Animal Expo at Varsity Lakes and saw some ADORABLE pets…everything from dogs, to exotic birds, and even a cat on a skateboard – true story!

Pet Expo

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the rain. I even love storms. Give me some thunder and lightning and I’ll find a warm cup of tea and a movie to watch (or in case the power goes out, some craft by candlelight). I love how the humidity gets to breaking point and then the temperature suddenly drops as the clouds roll in. I especially love that I don’t have to bother watering my plants for a week at a time! It even gave me a chance to prove that I could park my car under the house – to get it out of the hail of course! The interesting challenge will be when I have to get it out again…

I just wish it would make up its mind, ya know? So that I can follow through with my plans, at least once! Leia knows my frustration.


Rain, hail or shine, the holidays have been very relaxing – I have had plenty of time to procrastinate by making decorations and gifts for my best friend’s and sister-in-law’s baby showers, and even managed to get my work done to prepare for next term (mostly!). After being in the UK for two weeks, it was nice just to spend some time at home with the dogs and my husband. The dogs have lolled around in the sun (when it’s been there to loll around in!), Ryan and I have taken them for walks to get coffee at the new place up the road, and it’s generally just been a cruisy time.

But really, Mother Nature, could you give us a break from the rain – just for this weekend? I’m going camping!

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