Flashback to the Americas 2014 #2

Flashback to the Americas 2014 #2

Flashback to the Americas 2014 #2

The next instalment on our Epic America’s Trip, way back in 2014. If you haven’t already, check out part one in this series here. This one’s a bit more mundane, and to be honest the excitement doesn’t really start for another week or two, but I’d hate to miss out on anything!

And so the journey continues…

“It is lunch time on day 3, and it is raining (See what I mean?).

I feel yuck – so hungover. We slept in til 12.30! Last night we went on a pub crawl with the hostel. I swear, the beer is WAY stronger here than at home, and I had a vodka soda last night that I’m sure it was straight vodka.

San Franciscan Beer
We missed out on the hostel’s free breakfast so we consoled ourselves with subway – just like at home except they also sell soup and pizza. So I found myself sitting in the kitchen, writing in my little notebook, deciding that I’m going to publish my blogs online for you guys, and staring at the rain, feeling sorry for myself.

Yesterday was a great day. We got up early to have free bagels, fruit and oats …I don’t miss out on my daily oatmeal (which is what they call porridge.. Makes more sense really). We hunted down a good coffee joint (according to urban spoon) but the line was massive so we decided to give starbucks a try – big mistake, it tasted like they added a tablespoon of sugar to both our coffees. We also went to GameStop and bought a tablet – nexus 7, but the newer model. I keep forgetting to add tax to the price of everything, so it’s always more expensive than we anticipate. This is really only on goods bought, but for services rendered people expect a tip, so you’re out of pocket either way.

We dropped the tablet back to the hostel and decided what we would do for the day. Our hostel is really good – nothing fancy, but it has a clean and well-equipped kitchen, a TV room, free WiFi, and planned activities each day (hence last night’s bar crawl). We decided that we would head down to the pier and try to get tickets for Alcatraz.

Unfortunately, this involved walking up and over one of San Francisco’s famous long and steep hills. Practice for our Inca trail hike, I guess! The weather was really nice at the pier, and we took lots of photos of Alcatraz island and the sea lions, as well as the ugliest seagulls I have ever seen. We were a bit put out as we couldn’t get tickets to visit Alcatraz as we didn’t realise they sell out weeks in advance. We hunted around for some good sea food, but everything was either deep fried, or $$$$. We finally found a restaurant that claimed to be the oldest on the wharf (Alatios or something?). We got the $13.95 lunch deal – I had a real American dish, Bay Shrimp Creole with Rice. The meals also came with an entrée of either salad or clam chowder (EVERYWHERE sells clam chowder). We ordered the salad and, much to Ryan’s disgust, received a dinner plate sized portion of lettuce – haha! Our meals were great, however after tax and a tip, we still ended up paying $40.

Fisherman's Warf

Ugly Seagull

After lunch we decided to get a cable car back to Powell Street (the main shopping street near our hostel) – true San Franciscan style! It was so much fun, especially to stand on the side and hang on! On arrival back at the hostel, Ryan decided to do some work while I tried to hunt down a tablet case and went to H&M.

Cable Car

So that was yesterday.

Last night had $5 all you can eat tacos at the hostel before we went on the pub crawl. It was a lot of fun and involved gay bars, $3 beers, and making some friends with some kiwis staying at another hostel. We got home at 1.30am, not too late, but my head is regretting it today. We have had a cruisy day today, watched a movie at the hostel and had a nap. We tried to hunt down a supermarket (impossible) and instead had Mexican for dinner. Hopefully tomorrow will be more productive!”

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